Artist Portfolios

A personalized portfolio to get your work on the web

Easy Entry's artist portfolios give artists the ability to curate a personal online portfolio of their work, including 50 artworks and an about the artist page. You will receive a direct link to your portfolio for distribution. View a sample gallery

What is the best image size for my online portfolio?

The goal is to fill the viewer's browser window. For most current monitors, a dimension of 2000 pixels on the longest side is sufficient. Even high definition monitors would not benefit from greater than 3000 pixels on the longest side. More Information

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Own it

You can make your Easy Entry gallery look like your own personal website (e.g., by registering your own domain name with any one of the many domain name registrars (typically $10 - 30 per year) and forwarding visitors to your Easy Entry Online portfolio making it look like your own site. More information

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