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What is Easy Entry?

Easy Entry offers art organizations an easy-to-use online application for hosting individual artwork and body of work exhibitions. Our platform can be used for any exhibition where entrant's work can be judged or curated on the basis of uploaded images and data. Easy Entry offers a simple way to collect and store artist information and artwork images and data. Easy Entry also provides an online gallery for outside juror(s) to judge anonymous entries and another online gallery where organizations are able to curate their exhibition either by juror's or in-house selections.

Call for Artists

You do not have to host your exhibition with Easy Entry to advertise your event on our call for artist page. All organizations have the opportunity to list and edit their event information on the Easy Entry Call for Artists page.

Artist Portfolios

Easy Entry is not just for art organizations, we have features just for artists. Easy Entry's Call for Artist page is a great resource to find calls. In addition, Easy Entry allows artists to host a personal portfolio of their artwork on the Easy Entry platform.

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Our Story

Easy Entry was created with the purpose of simplifying the entry process for non-profit art organizations in Maryland's capitol city of Annapolis. Our goal was to create an online application that would ease the entry process for the artists, reduce the workload for a small non-profit, and allow organizations to easily manage every stage of their exhibition. Today's application has come a long way from its first version, but our goal remains the same. We want to provide a simple approach to hosting and to give organizations the opportunity to grow their exhibitions.

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